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Radiant Relationship

Cultivate deeper connection, joy and fulfillment in your partnership as you nurture it  to  last & thrive.

Tools for Joyful Living

Experience the healing and transformational power of connection. Joyfully cultivate a peaceful mind, an engaged body and a open heart.

Create the Life You Love

Become a masterful manifester. Get unstuck & learn the mindset and skills to create the life you know you’re meant to live.

‘You saved my marriage! Thank you so much!’ C.B.

Rejuvenate Your Relationship!

 This weekend helped spark hope for our road ahead and breathed life back into our connection. We plan to come back annually.’ April Sherman

Life is all about connections, your connection with yourself, with others, with the world.

 Your connection with your partner is one of the most important. When that’s thriving, everything feels easier.

Do you want deeper intimacy and more sweetness in your relationship?

Do you love your partner, but feel like the spark between you has dimmed?

Do you want more from your relationship but aren’t exactly sure what it is or how to get it?

Is your relationship good and you want to make it even more amazing?

‘My husband and I weren’t connecting at all for several months and we didn’t have much in the way of tools (like those we learned during the retreat). We’ve found a beautiful intimacy that I just didn’t know the way to, until now. Absolutely life-enhancing!’ – Katrina


This joyful & nourishing retreat will help you:

  • Strengthen your emotional, energetic, sensual and sexual connection
  • Replace unhealthy patterns with nurturing ones
  • Cultivate more intimacy
  • Develop deeper trust
  • Have more fun

‘I have used the wisdom and practices from this retreat not only in partnership with my beloved, but with my children and my clients alike. This embodied experience for slowing down together so we could open to each other’s authentic hearts was priceless.’ Kerri Miranda, L.M.

During this retreat you will learn key concepts and tools for a healthy and joyful connection, and integrate them through powerful exercises. You’ll return home feeling renewed, and empowered to continue making your relationship sweeter and more fulfilling.

 ‘Huge value for a very nominal amount for such a professionally conducted marriage retreat. In terms of time in a course, this ranked higher than others we have attended.’ Bruce Scheer, President, FutureSight Inc.

To last and thrive, relationships need regular nurturing. As relationship retreat faciliators, we walk our talk. We’ve been together for over 20 years and raised two beautiful sons.  Like all couples, we’ve had our share of challenges.  In our decades together we’ve learned and developed many tools to develop ourselves and strengthen our partnership.  Today we’re having more fun and are more in love than ever. What we teach really works.  If you want your relationship to last and thrive and to continue to become more joyous and fulfilling, we’re here to support you.

Baruch Roter, MD is a yogi, musician and family physician who helps people cultivate a present mind, an activated body, and heart-centered relationships so they can live with greater ease and happiness. He has studied yoga, meditation & Tantra for 30 years.

Veronica Fernmoss is a life coach who combines her deep connection with nature with her background in psychology, Tantra, yoga and movement to empower people to live a juicy life connected with their higher self and Spirit.

We’ve lead heart opening & relationship retreats in the US and internationally since 2007.

‘The tools we came away with were invaluable in their directness and clarity. Super helpful.’ Abby

You saved my marriage! Thank you so much!


I was struggling with an issue at the time and after your workshop i was ready to face it with an open heart, which was like clearing the windshield of my heart to see. I so appreciated the experience of melting layers so that i could truly see what we all need which is to feel connected and loved.

Julia Carr

Lost Valley Events & Education Center

Since the workshop, I have been much more able to have genuine connections with other people and with myself. This was my first time engaging in this type of workshop and I will be forever grateful for the experience that we all gained from it.

Steven Larson


It was a profound experience, overflowing with wisdom and truth. It has been one of the most significant experiences of spiritual growth in this lifetime for me.

Alejandro Faerron

Costa Rica

Tools for Joyful Living

When you feel peaceful in your mind, alive in your body and joyful in your relationships LIFE IS SO GOOD!    In this workshop we help you get in touch with and cultivate qualities within your self that are essential for creating the vibrant and fulfilling life you desire and deserve.

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop calm, openhearted presence
  • Expand your loving connection with yourself & others
  • Release self-limiting stories
  • Connect with your playful & creative inner child
  • Stay centered, calm & compassionate, even through challenges
  • Cultivate flowing & authentic relationships
  • Tune into & enliven your body
  • Live a fully engaged and happy life

We do this through a variety of engaging practices including: guided meditation, breath work, singing, movement, authentic dialog, eye gazing and angel washes.   They all work together and build on one another to help you, relax your body, quiet your busy mind, enter fully into the moment, open your heart and expand your loving connection with yourself and others.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can open and connect with your deep authentic self and others, move through blocks and open to new levels of awareness.   Participants often experience profound breakthroughs in a surprisingly short amount of time.

This workshop will help you cultivate deeper capacities to heal, grow and discover and share your gifts in order to co-create a thriving, beautiful world for your self and future generations.

What a deep and powerful container you created today…heart and soul wide open! Lots of inner vibrations happening! Flowing ecstatically and more aware of our oneness.

S. M.

I feel more empowered and less fearful than I’ve ever felt before.

Celia Smith, CHCP

Director, Continuing Medical Education, Physicians Insurance

Wow… I actually found myself expanded and transformed in an amazing way, and feeling a depth of energy flow that I hadn’t felt in quite a while.   Thank you.

M. J.

Just want to let you know I found your Heart Opening Workshop last year at Luminate in New Zealand to be life changing!!! Thank you so much.


New Zealand

Create the Life You Love

Get crystal clear on what you want and manifest it!

Learn a proven process to get unstuck and achieve what you are longing for.

To be a master manifester you need the right mindset as well as a set of effective tools.  In this workshop you will learn both!

What do you want?

A healthy body

Loving Relationships

Rewarding Work

Supportive community

Inner Peace

Sustained happiness

Deep fulfillment

To operate at your greatest potential

In this workshop you will learn manifestation skills and accomplish the first big steps in creating the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

Get clarity on what you really want ~ Get unstuck and tap into the flow ~ Learn AND practice tools for manifesting with ease

Get support and guidance while you create your manifestation plan and action step timeline

Be empowered to take inspired action   

To talk to us about hosting a workshop in your area contact us here.

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