When you love yourself, everything in life - your health, your relationship to yourself, your relationship to other people, and even your relationship to challenges gets better.

In the Love Your Life self-paced online program you will learn how to create a life where you feel vibrant and juicy in your body, joyful and peaceful in your heart, and connected to yourself, those you love, and Spirit.

The skills you will learn in this course are essential for thriving. We want everyone to have access to this program and are offering it for free.

 This program will help you cultivate the essential skills listed below and develop daily habits to carry you ever forward in leading a more holistically healthy and joyful life.

In addition to introductory and closing teachings, each module includes audio teachings, some with guided meditations, and exercises (PDF). All the content can be accessed online or downloaded.

Module 1 Clear the Clutter

  • Train your mind to be more peaceful
  • Cultivate awareness that you are the writer of your own story
  • Forgiveness ~ release anger and resentment, create spaciousness
  • Positive mindset ~ replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones

Module 2 – Authenticity

  • Deepen your connection with your essence
  • Live a life that emanates from your authentic self

Module 3 – Presence

  • Deepen your capacity to live mindfully in the present moment
  • Learn to cultivate presence with yourself and others
  • Radiate your unique energy and be more fully expressed

Module 4 – Openheartedness

  • Infuse your soul and daily life with love for yourself and others
  • Deepen your capacity for vulnerability and intimacy
  • Learn how to develop the key components of a thriving relationship

Module 5 – Embodiment

  • Develop authentic and expressive movement
  • Be more comfortable with physical affection and connection
  • Cultivate loving touch