Blessing Ceremony

White Blessing Ceremony Procession

The sound of temple bells and didgeridoos call you to presence, the scent of palo santo and copal connect you with the sacred, and the gentle, loving energy of beautiful beings opens your heart.

First, we lead a group of festival participants who feel called to be a part of the blessing ceremony procession in a preparatory ritual. We don our white garments, adorn one another and create a unified Love field amongst ourselves.

Once the preparations are complete and the Love field is strong we rove throughout the festival/gathering grounds in a procession, offering blessings of loving presence, beauty and deep non-verbal connection to all beings that cross our path.

In this communion with the Divine, the land, the nature spirits and the people, the vibrational frequency palpably elevates as the procession enters and moves through a space.

Fernmoss and Baruch have lead White Blessing Procession Ceremonies at festivals and gatherings since 2009.

Elevate your event with this interactive, visually stunning, uplifting and inspiring ritual.

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