Love yourself & your life more than you ever thought possible!

Connection gives life depth, meaning and joy

When you connect deeply to yourself, you feel grounded, centered, worthy and alive

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Dr. Baruch Roter & Veronica Fernmoss

We are devoted to help you live to your highest potential, offering over 50 combined years of holistic personal development experience.

To create and live a deeply joyful, fulfilling life you must cultivate a loving connection to yourself, others and to Source.

Once you have that solid foundation, everything in life naturally falls into place. Breath in how good it feels to let everything naturally fall into place.

Through our workshops, coaching and retreats we share simple, potent practices to help you develop and deepen these nourishing connections.

We offer you tools, guidance and support to help you refine and up-level every aspect of your life and provide lasting transformation.   Learn more about B & V here

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Learn and practice powerful tools to transform your life from the inside out.

Coaching for Couples

Get the support you need to communicate clearly, connect deeply and light up your relationship

1 + 1 Coaching

Receive one on one guidance and support to lead the joyous, deeply fulfilled life of your dreams.
It was a profound experience, overflowing with wisdom and truth. It has been one of the most significant experiences of spiritual growth in this lifetime for me. ~ Alejandro Faerron, Costa Rica
I feel more empowered and less fearful than I’ve ever felt before. ~ Celia Smith CHCP Continuing Medical Education Director
I didn’t think I could ever feel as relaxed and happy as I have since your workshop last week. You have changed my life! ~ L.D.


I came back a whole new person. I’m even relating to my wife differently, everything differently, and these subtle yet HUGE shifts having put me on a trajectory that is truly new paradigm.

~ S.J. , Portland, OR

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