About Baruch & Veronica

Baruch Roter, MD

I am a yogi, musician and family physician who promotes holistic health by helping people cultivate a present mind, an activated body, and a heart-centered spirit. I have been leading personal growth workshops and retreats internationally since 2007.

I have studied yoga, meditation, tantra, and other personal growth modalities since I was 19 years old, learning and practicing many tools for leading a joyful life. I love to sing songs of healing and gratitude as a daily practice and together with others.

I have worked for over 30 years as a family doctor in non-profit community health centers and learned how suffering is caused by the mind’s reaction to physical and emotional pain. I teach a holistic approach to care to medical students and residents as a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine with the University of Washington Medical School.

My focus and passion is to teach people, couples, and healthcare workers how to live with greater presence, authenticity, fulfillment, and happiness.

Veronica Fernmoss

I am a lifelong student and practitioner of yoga, meditation, dance and other personal growth and embodiment modalities.  I also draw on my deep connection with Nature for rejuvenation and inspiration.

Nature is one of my greatest loves and greatest teachers.

I regularly practice what I teach to maintain a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a loving and joyful heart.  I am blessed with, and work at maintaining, loving relationships with my beloved husband and our two adult sons.

One of my favorite personal mantras is Love life, and life loves you back! 

Of course, I’ve had to heal my share of insecurities, limiting beliefs and plenty of assorted wounds and bad programming.  If I can do it, so can you!

As a workshop/retreat leader and life coach, I empower people to clear out what doesn’t serve them and create a life filled with vibrant health, nourishing relationships, and deep fulfillment.